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First Time [Dec. 10th, 2004|01:43 am]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |Terra's Theme- Nobuo Uemetsu]

The Floating Survey.
a - act your age? i am all ages just like that girl in that short story
b - born on what day of the week? Sunday it may have been an Easter too!
c - chore you hate? I don't have any
d - dad's name? Gregory after the pope hence mine
e - essential makeup item? consealant
f - favorite actor/actress? Susan Sarandon
g - gold or silver? white gold i like for this though i suppose silver
h - hometown? Hopewell, where the rich oppress the poor
i - instruments you play? piano, clarinet, reocrder, oboe, cor anglais, kazoo, voice...?
j - job title? student emoployee...?
k - kids? now or later...? undecided
l - living arrangements? I have two bedrooms and my room at college
m - mom's name? Sharon
n - number of people you've slept with? those of you that know me know that answer. men can burn in hell
o - overnight hospital stays? yes
p - phobia? big people
q - quotes you like? anything that comes out of Nynaeve's mouth
r - religious affiliation? Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, never Baptist
s - siblings? Meggie, Andrea, steps- Jesica, Marsha and her hubby Brian now i suppose a step In law, Thomas John (TJ)
t - time you wake up? Whenever I get up
u - unique habit? thinking
v - vegetables you refuse to eat? lima beans
w - worst habit? nails biting
x - x-rays you've had? foot i got myself runnove by one of 'em pick up trucks
y - yummy food you make? haha my seminar class knows the answer to that :-)
z - zodiac sign? Aries